Packing the container

Now we are busy with packing the container...
Updates with more pictures you will see later. :)

Here you see some of us grading the toys.


Publicity in the local newspaper!

Today we've got the press release in the local newspaper in Valby! On page 2 in the newspaper you can see the article.


- So if you still want to donate something, you have until friday ;-)


Day 4

Day 4, today we started the serious packing of the stuff we've got and there is still more to come.
Yet again our dear teacher came with breakfast for us, which were gone in a blink of an eye.
This day have been a pretty stressful day for us all. Along with the CSR project we have in every group been working on a 45min long presentation on a topic about South Africa we have chosen ourselves, and the deadline for our synopsis is today. 

Container group 1: have today and the whole week been sort of the "packing leaders"  and have been packing and listing the clothes and shoes we've gotten during this week. They've also been talking with LEGO, but they haven't yet an answer.  If we are lucky and LEGO are kind we might get a donation from them! 

Container group 2: Have through family yet again got a donation from a football club! Shoes, T-Shirts and balls. Most of the day they've been working on the presentation for monday. 

Container group 3: have been helping container group 1 out with the packing. Also, they've been informed that more books are about to come, what a great suprise!

While we are packing, more and more stuff is been donated. Which is GREAT! 

The Iqala Ngam dance group

Our contact from Afrika Tikkun has shared a video with us of some young people from the Afrika Tikkun programmes doing a dance. The group is called Iqala Ngam.


Soap and Tooth Paste

Soap and Tooth Paste

The third day! Today our English teacher Mette came 30 min. too late because of the traffic but she came with breakfast! 

Kerry Rosser and Catherine Taylor sent us some great pictures from Afrika Tikkun's Early Childhood Development Programme.

Container group 1 has received their 1000 blocks of soap and 1000 tubes of tooth paste (pictures above) along with more clothes!

Container group 2 will later this day receive more football stuff like t-shirts, shorts and shoes. 

Container group 3 haven't yet been so lucky with their emails and phone calls, but though they started the day of with some big plastic bags of clothes. Thumps up!

It hasn'tt been one of our most effective days. but
all in all we have almost gathered a whole classroom with clothes and shoes - we think around 10-15 m3.


Press release

The PR-group of our project have made a press release which they have sent to places like the local newspaper to create some publicity around the project. Here you see a translated version of it.


High-school students are working globally

High-school students from the Copenhagen Open Gymnasium take global responsibility - this week they are collecting clothes, shoes, school material and toiletries to other children and young people from Cape Town townships. Maersk Line in Cape Town is shipping the things in a container from Valby in Cpenhagen to Cape Town, where the NGO Afrika Tikkun takes over.
This week 30 freshman students from the Copenhagen Open Gymnasium are working on a project that will further them in becoming citizens of a global world. They are in the process of collecting plenty of stuff for children from exposed areas in Cape Town.
Anything from toothpaste to pencils, and the collection is well on its way. Colgate and Palmolive have donated a thousand tubes of toothpaste and a thousand pieces of hand soap to the project. The main library in Copenhagen have donated 87 books in English. But those donations are only a small step on the way to load an entire container with things that will come in handy for the children in Cape Town.
Maersk Line in Cape Town will be delivering the container which they will ship free of charge from Valby in Copenhagen to Cape Town in South Africa. Here the NGO Afrika Tikkun takes over. It’s a local organisation that works towards empowering children and young people in Cape Town’s townships. Since the democratization in 1994,  Afrika Tikkun has built a number of centres in exposed areas. This is what the donations will go to and Afrika Tikkun will be in charge of the distribution.
Kristian is one of the students in the project - he says: “We are doing this because we have the opportunity to do it. We can make contact to people we know who can contribute with materials which can help Afrika Tikkun. It’s about making use of the opportunities you get, for one thing, through the people you know. There is always someone who wants to help.”
Several donors have been very helpful. The project started out as co-operation with AP Moeller Maersk by way of a parent who quickly gained contact to their department in South Africa. Here they were very interested in supporting the project with both container and shipment.
Do you want to contribute with things to the project, it all takes place at the Copenhagen Open Gymnasium. Write an email to peter.bidstrup@kg.dk if you have a donation or anything
to ask. The container will be shipped from the Copenhagen Open Gymasium, on Friday the 1st of June.


Peter Bidstrup, +45 61 88 56 78, peter.bidstrup@kg.dk

Malthe Schjerlund, +45 29 47 18 27, malthe.schjerlund@kg.dk

Project manager:
Lektor Mette Jørgensen, Copenhagen Open Gymnasium, +45 24 40 93 64, me@kg.dk

Day 2

 PR group at work

Today is the second day of our project week. We started the day with tons of nice results! the container group 1 had got  donated a big plastic bag of clothes from an anonymous person. what a kind soul. One of the members of container group 2 have been at a football club receiving a big donation of football clothes and shoes. The container group 3 might started the day of strongest with 3 full bags of clothes and shoes!
Our PR group (public relation) have been working on a article that they send out to lots a different local and national news papers.
This morning they've got some auto answers from the news papers and they are still awaiting answers
Tomorrow the container groups will be receiving even more stuff, the work they’ve done is really something to be proud of! P.s our dear blogger Mathias is translating the PR groups article from Danish to English so you guys who don't understand, danish can enjoy it.